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Member benefits

The Swedish Cruising Association is dedicated to those who have a passion for boats, seas, and the archipelago. It serves as the organization for both motorboat and sailingboat enthusiasts, as well as those seeking to enhance their boating experience. Below, you will find information about the benefits that come with your membership.

Appen Kryssarklubben

Here is a selection of the benefits included with your membership:

• The magazine På Kryss, avaliable both in print and as a convenient app.

• A wide selection of courses and educational programs covering topics such as navigation, safety at sea, and sailing.

• By registering your boat with our Association, you gain access to our bouys, ensuring secure and environmentally friendly mooring options.

• Opportunities for family cruising and long-distans adven[1]tures in the Baltic Seas and North Seas, among other destinations.

• Exclusive special offers and reduced fees, including dis[1]counted rates for VHF subscriptions.

• Extensive knowlege and resources on safety and technical issues related to boats can be found at www.sxk.se

• The association boasts 59 representatives who are ready to assist you in foreign harbours across the Mediterranean and overseas.

• Guidance and support in legal matters pertaining to boating.

• A community of 40 000 members who share your passion for life at sea.

• The association actively engages in lobbying efforts on leisure boat-related matters, advocating to authorities, politicians, and media